Level 2 Award in Medical Terminology Online mentored course

By Nic 10 Mar, 2022 ? Comments

We've created this video to help explain the workings of our course and what to expect should you wish to study medical terminology with us. 

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Developing a business during a pandemic

By Nic 23 Aug, 2020 ? Comments

As children prepare to go back to school after 5 long months off, this latest blog shows the journey we've been on at Mediterm Training during this strange time. 

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Coronavirus Medical Terminology

By Nic 20 Mar, 2020 ? Comments

Well, you can’t get much more current and relevant for a blog topic than this!! Here’s some medical terms you’re likely to have heard over the past few weeks with explanations to help to try to make sense of it all! There’s a lot of medical terminology being used in the media, some of us may be very familiar with it while others may have heard of terms but still be unsure of their meanings. It’s interesting to see that some of these terms feature on our Level 2 and 3  Medical Terminology courses so our past students should have a head start!


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Understanding Medical Terminology - what is it and where did it all begin?

By Nic 31 Jan, 2020 ? Comments

Understanding medical terms can seem intimidating but they can be easily understood and deciphered if you know what you’re looking for.  In this blog we'll cover the basics and hope that this brief introduction leaves you keen to learn more via our structured online courses! 

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Deciding between the Level 2 and Level 3 Medical Terminology qualifications

By Nic 07 Nov, 2019 ? Comments

This is a tricky one!! Please read our latest blog to find out what we advise to our students when there's confusion around which course to study! 

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The benefits of staff training and development.

By The Mediterm Team 10 Jul, 2019 ? Comments

We all know those colleagues or employees who moan day in and day out about their jobs. It’s part and parcel of the workplace isn’t it?! But what about those great team members, the ones who go above and beyond to do a great job? How are they rewarded?

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Welcome to my first Mediterm blog!

By Nicola 03 Jul, 2019 ? Comments

I had the opportunity to join Mediterm Training when my middle child was born – my choices were to continue in the NHS in my job as a ‘Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist’ or leave the NHS and join forces with my Mum...

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